Work in Progress


Title: Xuántiān Shàngdì (The Four Gods: Book 1)

Category: YA

Genre: Historical Fantasy

Status: First draft, unedited

On the day he was named crown prince of the Han empire, sixteen-year-old Ming Gen was given a challenge: a challenge to become a god. Purging all earthly matter from his life and his body, he soon finds himself among the ranks of deities behind the jade gates of Heaven.

Assigned as an esteemed member of the San Ling organization, Gen meets his two newest colleagues, a Qilin named Bing Chonglin and a dragon named Zhang Longwei, though while welcoming, are hiding secrets about a possible fourth member of the organization, a phoenix named Guang Fengge. Demoted and humiliated, Fengge is shunned to the lowest ranks of Heaven’s servants, for reasons Gen is unaware of but is determined to find. He assumes the task of helping Fengge restore his reputation and to find his own place among the gods of his ancestors.

With the help of his three newest brothers-in-arms, Gen soon discovers that Heaven is harboring secrets of its own and that the opulent, bejeweled life many of the gods lead is cracking beneath layers of corruption, rivalry, and struggles for power, which are all only worsened as his beloved Han Dynasty collapses.