Your Digital Flapper Dictionary

  • Terms and Useful Phrases
    • That’s bullshit!   –   Thats all wet!
    • I’ve got a shitty date   –   I’ve got a flat tire
    • Don’t be stupid   –   Don’t be sill
    • Move your ass!   –   Get a wiggle!
    • A car you had sex in   –   Struggle Buggy
    • Wasted   –   Spifflicated (from the words spiffy and intoxicated)
    • That Hobo on the corner  –  That Palooka over there
    • Now you’ve got it!   –   Now you’re on the trolly!
    • A Gangsta’s bitch   –   A Moll
    • A slut   –  A Hotsy Totsy
    • I’m Engaged!   –   I’m Handcuffed
    • Beer   –   Giggle Water
    • Legs   –   Gams
    • Boobs  –  Ninny Pies
    • Rich Person   –   an egg
    • The Commen Jerk   –   A Drugstore Cowboy
    • Don’t be a shit head!   –   Don’t take any wooden nickels!
    • That’s fucking awesome!  –  That’s the Bee’s knees!
    • Honey, I said NO   –   Bank’s Closed, hon
    • Holy Shit!   –   Hot Socks!
    • That’s Great!  –  That’s the Cat’s Pajamas!
    • Classy   –   Swanky
    • I need to get wasted   –   I need to see a man about a dog
    • A woman’s Cigarette   –   A freedom Torch
    • That girl is HOT SHIT   –   That dames got IT

My Homage to an era (the Roaring Twenties) that had no end of wonderful slang, you can add some of your favorites to the list, lets see just how big this Hay Burner (a large object) can get!

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