*cough* pardon the typos. Wish Photoshop had a spellcheck. XD

OK this was super super quick I just had some thoughts rolling around in my head so I felt I’d get them out. This isn’t really a ‘tutorial”, just thoughts and comments. If I were to make a tutorial it’d have a lot more content (and more females/different angles), but I felt I’d just put this out here for what it’s worth. 

I am no expert on these things and constructive criticism is always encouraged.

Clarification: It is ok and perfectly fine to give your female-identifying characters makeup (and, of course, others.) But you should draw them without makeup and develop their appearance that way before adding on makeup if that’s what the character generally wears. The idea is to make them recognizable as women even without makeup. (Unless the character herself isn’t easily recognizable/generally observed as a woman without makeup, as part of her intentional design. Just make it intentional, is all I’m saying.)

More Thoughts and Tutorials

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